Week 1: The Main

The beauty of a cheerleading group is that anyone has a unique position on the crew, and devoid of each individual other, the group won’t exist. Time period. Close of dialogue. In these following series of article content, I will be sharing my know-how with you. From stretching to setting up muscle tissues, you can expect to understand almost everything you need to have know to fly increased, throw more difficult, carry increased, and flip for perfection! So lets start off from the major of the pyramid and work our way down!

The Flyer

The flyer is the gravity defying particular person you see remaining thrown into the air or contorting their bodies into absurd shapes these types of as a “bow and arrow” and “scorpion” when balancing on a bunch of fingers. Now would be the time that I check with you to rub your stomach and pat you head though jumping in circles…kidding! Both way you seem at it, these girls require to be capable of producing the audiences’ head spin! So if you assume your prepared to be a flyer or want to boost your traveling techniques, browse on!

Cheer flyers have a duel duty of staying adaptable and muscular. There are a few vital attributes a flyer need to have and remember when organizing a physical fitness routine: a potent legs and core, impeccable harmony and extraordinary overall flexibility. Now, we will start off with the most crucial but most ignored section of the health program for flyers: the main. I have gotten quite a few, lots of thoughts from cheerleaders on why they are off equilibrium and why they are very flexible but cannot accomplish a toe touch. Below is the remedy to each individual cheerleaders burning queries on performance: if you have a solid core, you can avoid harm, touch your toes and have impeccable harmony. So right here it is. A how-to-develop-your-core record that will have you traveling substantial in not time!

Hold up this conditioning plan and you can have a washboard in no time. Come back all over again this 7 days to get the low-down on legs for cheerleading flyers!