Tea’s origin was China. The Zhuo (1034-246 BCE) Qin (361-296 BCE) and Han (206 BCE-226 CE) Dynasties all embodied in depth tea-drinking. Tea use for medicinal dietary, wellness, fitness and longevity applications is determined through the ‘Wuxing’ or 5 Things School method underpinning (TCM) Standard Chinese Drugs, Acupuncture, Therapeutic massage, Health and fitness Qigong, Feng Shui, Preserve-in shape, Wu-Shu-Kung Fu, Chinese herb-use and extra.

Chinese tea, obtained in bins of sachets or in pleasant crystallised blocks includes an astounding selection of sorts tastes, textures, organic and dietary ingredients. Programs-which include for well being, youthfulness and longevity are assured by the prolonged background of TCM. The record of the 5 Features or ‘Wuxing’ is lengthier continue to.

Drunk at dwelling or do the job Chinese tea is pleasant. Consumed at Tea Houses like ‘Up Tea!’ located in Small Newport Street is London’s Chinatown these kinds of tea-ingesting can be a pleasant knowledge.

Tea, Overall health and the Wuxing

The 5 Features School ‘Wuxing’ one-way links every of the body’s 5 important inside organs (and a lot far more) to Components as follows: spleen (Earth) lungs (Metallic) kidneys (Drinking water) liver (Wooden) and coronary heart (Fireplace). The Wuxing is a demonstrated inside and exterior balancing wellness-process. Several teas require cures to remedy or avert prevalent problems, or stimulate the best possible wellbeing, youthfulness and longevity springing from the 5 Factors program continue to in preferred and official use nowadays.


This chrysanthemum tea includes 45% dried flower extract crystallised upon 55% cane sugar. Chrysanthemum tea treats irritation and swelling in the lungs, nasal passageways and throat by using its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral qualities. It also encourages enhanced vision and allows to cleanse the liver in individual.

Wuxing Students discover how eyes and liver are inter-linked, correspond to the Wood Aspect and can be the two obviously nourished by ju hua cha. They also practise 5 Factors Qigong routines with very similar outcomes.

TIEN-CHI (Heaven Electricity) GINSENG FLOWER TEA (ren shen cha)

Tien-chi Ginseng (Panax pseudoginseng) ginseng tea selection from southwestern China is mainly cultivated in Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces. Tien-chi plant root is applied as a wellbeing product for regulating blood circulation. The flower capabilities as a warmth clearing and toxin cleansing herb applied to minimize swelling, feverish feelings, skin eruptions and sore throats.

XIAMEN Inexperienced TEA (lu cha)

Inexperienced tea stimulates the heart in specific, aids digestion and banishes exhaustion. Encouraging the body to metabolize much more body fat and so substantially applied in dieting and slimming, inexperienced tea also encourages longevity and normal bodily detoxification.

Nevertheless as it somewhat inhibits iron-absorbption from the eating plan, inexperienced tea should really be avoided by anaemia sufferers and females throughout their menstrual time period

JASMINE FLOWER TEA (mo li hua cha)

There are several distinct jasmine tea varieties which includes environmentally friendly, jade or black. Great for oral hygiene and palate cleansing (prior to after or through taking in) Jasmine tea’s remarkably aromatic relaxing mother nature also stimulates digestion, encourages leisure and assists reduce insomnia.

Morning STAR GINGER BEVERAGE (sheng jiang cha)

Ginger tea stimulates and balances the action of the coronary heart, lungs and spleen in particular and helps the well balanced operating of the 5 big internal organs as a process in a tonic manner. Its anti bacterial houses also make it a popular cold and flu solution.


Luo Han Guo (luohanguo) aka ‘Monk Fruit’ (just one of many longevity backlinks) is member of the Gourd Plant Loved ones and a fruit properly-identified for its sweet taste. Luo han cha. It is also nicely-acknowledged medicinally for treating coughs and sore throats and also encouraging longevity. Luohanguo has more not too long ago been made into a minimal-calorie sweetener.

When well prepared this tea, darkish brown and toffee-tasting, can be drunk hot or cold.

CHONG JI 5 Flowers TEA (wu hua cha)

This blend of 5 Chinese medicinal herbs cleans away inside warmth, encourages diuresis and cleansing. It can also be employed to handle sore eyes, sore throats, dysentery and constipation. Delivered concentrated upon cane sugar crystals it has a pleasurable caramel taste

All round

Ingesting Chinese Tea in accord with Aspects theory enhances wellbeing, youthfulness and longevity in numerous related ways. 5 Aspects Qigong supplies inside breathing and external massage routines to the identical finishes.

The previously mentioned brand names and styles of tea are readily purchaseable at your local Chinese Supermarkets the teas’ Chinese names surface in brackets. They are all reasonably priced, symbolize large worth for money, are the actual detail and offer the true ‘thrill of the swill’!