We will translate psalm 46-10 “be nonetheless and know that I am God” extra comprehensively toward the end of this post. It will make clear just how vital this distinct psalm is for people at this unprecedented time. But, for now, by way of incorporating context, permit us discern upon how wildlife carries out its corresponding duties for their survival, and how individuals, as the outstanding beings, evaluate.

The birds, bees and the fish

Have you at any time noticed a flock of birds speedily swoop upwards in to the sky and instantly spiral downwards in an quick? Likewise, with shoals of fish, how they dart in a person direction and then somersault in one more way promptly and concurrently. Awesome, I am certain you will concur. From the human point of view, bird flocking habits is definitely really worth reflecting upon in the present coronavirus predicament.

The issue is: for what purpose are they accomplishing in this sort of synchronized vogue?

The response is they are praying

Symmetrical development traveling — and quick sprint motion of fish — allows them talk or link with their resource, their “god”, which — for all of the non-human species on earth — is Mother nature. In other words, Nature supplies the birds and all land animals, like the marine life, with all they will need to “know” on survival in their present setting.

Symmetrical vee formation traveling by other birds, is also for the exact reason: they’re in speak to with their guiding supply for repenising vitality-gas for their migratory journey. Such is how they receive essential intuitive advice to feeding sites alongside the way.

‘Flocking’ places birds into anticipatory method, they ‘anticipate’ — let us get in touch with this anticipation hen faith or prayer — and then, when this intuitive modify commences, is picked up inside of the flock consciousness – generated by Nature – then transform of path spreads instantaneously nevertheless the full flock in a wave of dynamical intelligence. Flock flying signifies team awareness, the place no specific fowl is in cost. It is really how they hold up-to-date, about each and every other and the newest survival information and facts.

Then we have the fantastic bees.

Regarded as a social insect, bees are staff, traveling entirely for a team cause which is to feed and nourish the hive. They never fly for the appreciate of flying but simply to locate nectar and then return it so that the hive gains.

Mainly because we are all linked to the same common life-drive, when we assume about it, the strategy of birds, fish and bugs praying will make so a lot religious-evolution sense. There are just so numerous ‘praying’ existences taking area at the same time in just this wonderful Eco-method of witch considerably is dismissed or taken for granted. And have you noticed, amid all the diversities of nature’s inhabitants – large and small — they under no circumstances established out to harm or disrupt the natural setting. If only human-sort could be like that, we could perfectly check with.


So, what has mother nature-nurturing to do with the existing planet pandemic: Coronavirus.

Well, as we shall see, it has a lot to do with it, especially with regards to how people may possibly benefit from the strategy adapted by our co-inhabitants here on earth.

As described earlier, flocking birds, honey bees and shoal fish, and several other species, do not run separately while in prayer, rather everything is meant towards all-natural flock or group species survival

Now this report is not about country-bashing, significantly from it. But consumerism globally would look to be out of management, and it isn’t going to truly feel suitable

This coronavirus treat is schooling us in a survival lesson: Character is trying to explain to us something profoundly delicate in incredibly severe and crude element..On just one degree, amidst all the struggling, the prospect for change arises. And even though coronavirus will move of course, it can be information of adjust will linger until finally we have each individual taken the character-concept on-board mentally.

Similarly with world-wide warming, we are going to have to appear to terms with a new starting, a new set of standard or property truths, a new purchase of material priorities, in quick, a new order of consciousness.

Get content objects for situations and the existing consumerism explosion. In meeting this unwarranted product product or service need, engineering is possessing to expand outside of what a lot of shoppers can healthily manage each mentally and emotionally. Not to point out the long-expression results of plastic on the ecosystem.

The emphasis looks to be on powerful nations becoming only intrigued in sustaining its possess ‘patriotic’ dominance, as if the rest of the entire world flock does not exist or would not matter in the world wide equation. That, geographically, sure folks get meals-fed while other folks considerably less privileged can be ignored.

Narrowing it down

Let us say, by way of explanation, there is this macro national dominance intellect-established, and within that there is the micro self-fascination only intellect-set. 1 is feeding off the other and the cycle of nationwide dominance alongside particular person self-fascination only go on unabated. Now, of class, there’s almost nothing incorrect with furthering personal and nationwide creativity, in actuality, it can be completely normal for people to be inventive — this is how we’re wired. But this in excess of-emphasis on ‘me’ mine’ ‘ours’ has reached saturation position.

Nature’s innate intelligence has picked up on this: that a little something is out of balance on this world.

Arrived at our cycle restrict

Materialism, illusion, and its linked amount of consciousness, has taken humanity to its furthest issue of this distinct greed-conquer-illusion cycle. And when it is via cycles of evolution that humanity progresses, at the quantum degree, in human evolution terms, it truly is not truly about survival of the fittest, or, who can become the strongest and most powerful nation, corporation or person, or who among the us can fly the maximum faith flag.

Coronavirus is reminding of what we have been about-looking, which is: Mother nature won’t neglect – it demonstrates back to us precisely what we mail out. So, Nature’s concept, for our bigger superior, is to realign and create a non secular-cosmic consciousness.

In this area, the enlightened Rishis of historic India I imagine knew the real top secret of actuality. But somewhere together the very long corridor of time this pure wisdom has been mangled and diluted into that means one thing solely unique. Lost in translation, we could say.

This pandemic is reminding that our priorities are all mixed up and out of synchronization with the natural regulations of Character. These laws are authentic and definite and demand rigorous adherence to. Based on the thoughts-set, they will serve us either positively or negatively. As a result be cautious of how our mind’s are becoming shaped and conditioned..

We have turn out to be artificialized

Humanity has become around-burdened mentally and emotionally therefore making lots of kinds of new and unnatural strains and stressors in the human physiology.

The conditioned brain-established appears, that, basically by taking particular medications, anything will be Ok. A programmed brain-established, that, at the time these difficulties are masked artificially, in a pharmacological sense, then this is good. But it is not fantastic. Mainly because these brain-sets don’t just go away, they’ve become unconscious designs or habit mind-sets. As a result, proliferation of symptom-ignorance conditioning proceeds in perpetuity.

We’ve grow to be almost sense-deadened — artificiality is the new king. This human numbness to actuality and the purely natural surroundings has led to long-term accumulations of anger and discontent in just the human psyche. It has appear to the point, that, our as soon as usually means of purely natural happiness have turn into blocked by commercialism and exploitation. Somewhat than contentment currently being a very simple organic preference of will, considerably of this outlet has morphed into industries which for quite a few can direct to addictive and compulsive styles of conduct.

Even considerably of the ‘smart’ development regrettably, for numerous, is at the expanse of all-natural soul improvement and inter-personal exercise. People are now going for walks and staring hypnotic-like into a fantasy planet for the most up-to-date illusory globe gossip.

What common of evolution does this signify?

Ascension Consciousness

We’re just about every produced for Ascension unto God-Consciousness. This method takes put in just. Spiritual ignorance is what blocks development in this spot. We’re not developed for remaining at base camp stage of ignorance indefinitely. To initiate Ascension out of spiritual ignorance, a calibration of thoughts is demanded. This getting a silent integratory journey, it all begins with psychological stillness.

Materially talking, anything improvements. But, conversely, at our main soul level, we are each individual Changeless, immortal and eternal. We’re each the eternal Spirit.For that reason, this Ascension course of action leads to spiritualizing the human body and awareness into recognizing the Changeless Christ Typical in just consciousness. Thus, attachment to the material earth and self-interest only, is opposite to our real character. This ‘contrary’ habits clings and obscures our Immortal Christ nature.

In jap culture, which I believe that is far more progress in the area of spiritual soul growth, this ignorance or attachment to materialism, is identified as Maya – bogus identification.

When we take into account the life of the good historical saints and sages of all cultures, and how they approached lifetime, absolutely acquiring back to fundamentals would stand for main spiritual evolution for this generation far too and further than.

In progressing soul evolution, silence indeed is the loudest variety of prayer, it epitomizes ‘back to mental fundamentals..

In dealing with the coronavirus condition, each individual solitary human being helps make an really change — together with young people and younger. Each individual enjoy their part in bringing about international coherence at this time of fantastic need. The fact is, just about every meditating soul has an effect on quite a few hundreds of the non-meditating community. And if these meditations had been synchronized regionally, the advantages world-large would be enormous.

Now that is a prayer worth participating in.

Stillness is the way

The 1st responsibility of each individual raindrop — on falling from the cloud — is trying to find reunification with the ocean. To this stop, pretty much, the raindrop solutions only to gravity – gravity is the medium by which the raindrop reunites with its resource, ocean.

For humans, stillness is the way.

Psalm 46-10 is listed here revealing the medium by way of we can just about every reunite consciously with Source. And how we can attain direct communion in God-mother nature by staying internal however.

Be continue to and Know that I am God – Psalm 46-10 — In translation:

“Be continue to” is to be even now mentally, surrender all interior battle, “and know”, meaning attain immediate working experience of transcendental silence, “that I am”, existence, or aware Now consciousness, “God”, eternally vibrating increased-self consciousness.

It can be this dynamic of experiential vibrational silence — such as with Aum, Om. or God — which, when chanted, or recited silently, activates the subtle intelligence for experiential call with Transcendent Supreme Being.

The essential position is, God is a Verb (vibrational) and not a noun (not a static title). For that reason, the phrase God has a specific vibrational resonance or high quality, and it really is this vibrational resonance that the psalmist is informing us to know straight inside of consciousness. This vibrational resonance in essence is experiential alive Unconditional like, which condition displays Christ-consciousness

From the mire of spiritual ignorance, vibrational ‘I’ turns into the Risen soul which is familiar with — experiences — transcendentally, divinely, immortally.

Lying outside of the relative entire world of phenomenal existence, transcendental silence brings about unison of soul with everlasting Transcendent.God.

All that stays now is for this meditational stillness to be expressed by the system-physiology, notably by means of the heart chakra. This is important in get to root our expression as automated habits in the nervous program.

Finally, in satisfying this scripture in consciousness — and in conjunction with Earth Health and fitness Organization guidlines — not only are we elevating the normal of our individual religious everyday living substantially but, by means of the maximize of antibodies or white blood cells into our immune method, we are also combating the spread-treat of coronavirus immensely at individual and global amount. Blessings.